“Natural Horsemanship”

Helping People Help Horses
Helping Horses Help People

Not having as much Fun with your horse as you think you should?

Are your current training methods not quite working as you would like?

Do you really want your horse to be your PARTNER, and have a great working relationship with you?

Want some ANSWERS?

Try alternatives to traditional horse training and horse riding.

Cookie Grimes offers a gentle, natural, intelligent approach to Total Communication: Sensible Equine Awareness. Cookie can help create a positive change to the relationship between you and your horse.

Cookie loves telling stories about the animals in her life; it always seems to make people laugh. She feels that there is no better medicine then laughter. She is the author and illustrator of the two children's books A New Year's Family and Jake the Cow Horse featuring true life animal adventures!

Visit the author's website for more about her books and audio books.

Understanding Horses With
Cookie Grimes

“Natural Horsemanship” Learn what Cookie has to teach by combining different techniques. It’s all about a feel!

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